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Always take care when handling abrasives. Store in a dry place at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and keep in packaging provided until use.

The product codes, pack quantities and technical data listed are for Hiretech in the United Kingdom. Please check with your local reseller for abrasives available in your region.

HTF Abrasive Pressure Calculator

Productive orbital floor sanding requires the right amount of force (pressure) to be applied to the abrasive so that it sands at its most efficient in relation to the size of abrasive grit. Typically more pressure is required the coarser the abrasive grit.

The HTF's design applies the ideal pressure across the whole surface area of the abrasive. For all types of wood floors and decking.

See for yourself, click the link below to calculate the abrasive pressure for different sanding pad sizes and machine weight.

Pressure Calcuator

HTF Abrasives

Product Code & Pack Quantity

Grit Product Code & Pack Quantity


01750 (pk 25)


01751 (pk 25)


01752 (pk 50)


01754 (pk 50)


01756 (pk 50)

P220 / Backing Pad

01769 (pk 20)
01771 (pk 5)  

Abrasive Kit

Grit Description Code & Contents


HTF Abrasive Starter Kit

Ideal for small to medium size jobs or as a starter kit with new machines. Includes dust bags.

01776 (pk 1)

Kit Contents


Category Type


Aluminium Oxide Antistatic (P40, P60, P80)
Aluminium Oxide Stearate (P120, P180)
Aluminium Oxide fibre (P220)


Resin over resin with antistatic additives (P40, P60, P80)
Resin over resin with sanding active additives (P120, P180)
Non woven fibre pad with foam centre (P220)


F-weight (P40, P60)
E-weight (P80, P120, P180)


Closed (P40, P60, P80, P120, P180)
Open (P220)

Dimensions (maximum)

Length 400mm (15.75") x Width 115mm (4.5") with adhesive backing (P40, P60, P80, P120, P180)

htf pack
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HTF Specifications:

Abrasive Size: Length 15.75" (40cm) x Width 4.5" (11.5cm")
Weight: 94.8lbs (45.0kg) without HTF weight, 176lbs (80kg) maximum recommended with HTF weight.

Other Common Orbital Floor Sander Specification

Abrasive Size: Length 18.0" (45.7cm) x Width 12.0" (30.5cm)
Weight (typical): 120lbs (54kg)

Note: Typically the weight of an 18" x 12" orbital floor sander is centred around the middle of the machine in-line with the motor and not evenly distributed over the whole of the sanding pad.

The HTF can apply up to nearly 41/2 times the force (pressure) to the abrasive than a typical 18" x 12" orbital floor sander.

Pressure Calculator

HTF Abrasive Starter Kit

Product Code (PSTK) Description Quantity


HTF Abrasive Sheet 40G



HTF Abrasive Sheet 60G



HTF Abrasive Sheet 80G



HTF Abrasive Sheet 120G



HTF Abrasive Sheet 180G



HTF Abrasive Pad 220G / Backing Pad



HT7/HTF  Disposable Paper Dust Bag


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