HTF Orbital Floor & Deck Sander (Incls. Weight Kit)


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The HTF Orbital puts the power of smart sanding technology at your finger tips. Easy to use, the HTF focuses more weight on the sandpaper than any other orbital floor sander available.

Perfect for exterior deck refinishing, The HTF resists damage if sanding over screws or nails and is sized to sand the entire deck surface quickly and beautifully. Ideal for interior medium to light duty floor sanding , refinishing and final sanding of all types of wood flooring. With or against the grain for a score free, superior finish.

The HTF easy-on/easy-off modular weight kit allows more or less pressure to be applied to the abrasive. The abrasive cuts at its most efficient rate ensuring perfect results every time.

The HTF’s abrasive pad, used as a backing pad for the self adhesive abrasive papers, features a unique foam core which prevents the pad from going flat. By retaining its flexibility, the abrasive pad follows the contours of the floor surface without cutting through high spots to new wood. Essential for refinishing and screen and re-coat jobs. The abrasive pad is also a fine abrasive when used on its own equivalent to a 280 grit (P280) abrasive, ideal for sanding between coats of varnish for the very best finish.

Simple operation and safety are major features of the HTF. A powerful vacuum system picks up the fine dust created in orbital sanding, which is collected in a disposable paper dust bag for safe handling and disposal. A biased off switch prevents the sander being accidentally left switched on, while the handle is easily removed for easy, safe transportation.

HTF Abrasive Starter Kit

  • Easy to use, finger tip control.
  • Flexible abrasive pad system.
  • Best in class abrasive pressure.
  • Easy-on/Easy-off weight system.
  • Powerful 4 pole (brush) motor.
  • Integrated dust bag support.
  • High powered vacuum system.
  • Fast and easy setup and breakdown.
  • Disposable paper or cloth dust bags.
  • 2 year warranty.
HTF Orbital Floor & Deck Sander (Incls. Weight Kit) Design Illustration
  1. Biased off switch prevents the HTF from accidental start-up protecting operator and property.
  2. 7m (23′) power cable with non-marking outer insulation prevents marking of newly sanded floor.
  3. Quick release handle for fast breakdown and easy transport.
  4. Precision moulded brush block with brass brush holders and constant force brush springs.
  5. Polished aluminum alloy body.
  6. High powered vacuum system, with seated oversize wide bladed alloy vacuum fan.
  7. Brush skirting maintains dust within vacuum area to maximise dust collection.
  8. Tooth drive belt and hardened steel gear cut pulleys.
  9. Foot operated peddle releases handle for operation, locks handle in upright position for storage.
  10. Floating handle design allows body of HTF to float across floor surface under finger tip control providing the ideal working height at all times.
  11. Dust bag support folds up in storage and provides support when changing abrasive without damage to the dust bag.
  12. Disposable paper bags for efficient and safe dust collection read more.

Product Codes07008 (220/240V)
07009 (110/120V)
V = Volts
Power Supply220/240V 50/60Hz
110/120V 50/60Hz
V = Volts
Hz = Hertz (unit of frequency)
Off Load Current220/240V = 5A
110/120V = 8A
A =Amps
Average Load Current220/240V = 8A
110/120V = 15A
A = Amps
Noise95 dBA at 1 meter (3’2″)dBA = decibels
Vibration8.89 m/s2 rmsm/s = meters per second, rms = root mean squared
SwitchBias off, double pole with power connected indicator light.
MotorContinuous heavy duty AC/DC self cooling 4 brush motor.AC/DC = Alternating Current/Direct Current
Motor RPM10,000RPM = revolutions per minute

Mean rpm across voltage range, actual rmp will vary depending on voltage and condition of machine.

Sanding Pad RPM3,000RPM = revolutions per minute

Mean rpm across voltage range, actual rmp will vary depending on voltage and condition of machine.

Sanding Pad400mm (15¾”) x 115mm (4½”) MDF back with hook and loop face.
DriveNon-slip toothed timing belt and toughened steel pinion and drive gear.
Dust PickupSeated oversize alloy vacuum fan. Disposable paper dust bag or cloth bag.
Moving PartsSealed for life ball bearings.
Abrasives400mm (15¾”) x 115mm (4½”) random fibre abrasive pad 280 grit and backing pad.

400mm (15¾”) x 115mm (4½”) anti-clog adhesive backed sheet 40 to 180 grit

Power Cable7m (23′) Non-marking outer insulation.
Dimensions276mm x x505mm x 325mm
(10.8″ x 19.9″ x 12.8″)
width x depth x height

Maximum dimensions with handle fully extended and dust bag in operating position.

Weight Net45.0kg (94.8lbs) Excluding HTF Weight.
Shipping Weight52.0kg (110.3lbs)
Shipping Dimensions770mm x 390mm x 570mm
(30.3” x 15.4” x 22.4”)
width x depth x height
Quantity per Pallet6Pallet Size 1000mm x 800mm
Warranty2 years
ApprovalsCE (220/240V)
CE (110/120V)
CSA (110V North America)
CE = European Economic Area Manufacturer Certification

CSA = Canadian Standards Association

HTF Parts List & Drawing

HTF Owners Manual & Operating Instructions

HTF Wiring Diagram