HTW Steam Wallpaper Stripper – Spare Part Images

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REFPSTKDescriptionPack Qty
1007613Steam Plate Complete1
2007609Handle Assembly1
3007610Label Steam Plate1
4007611Tube Steam Plate1
5007612Bracket Steam Tube2
9007636End Caps Steam Plate2
10007721Strain Relief1
11007950Rail Steam Plate Kit2
12007708Cover Tank Assembly1
13007884Cap Filler and Chain1
14007685Label Steam Warning1
15007655Swivel Set1
16007623Spacer Castor4
17007661Hose Assembly1
18007654Tank Assembly1
20007683Castor Bracket2
21007632Heater Element 110/120 Volt1
21007682Heater Element 220/240 Volt1
22007637Seal Heater1
23007638Cut Out Kit Single Pole1
23007872Cut Out Single Pole1
26007662Lead Cut Out Heater2
27007702Lead Connector Block Cut Out2
28007880Lead Connector Block Tank Earth1
29007881Lead Tank/Heater Earth1
30007633Heat Sink Compound1
31007626Label Product Name2
32007876Label Instructions2
33007700Cover Access1
35007705Connector Block1
36007711Lead Mains 240 Volt (UK)1
36007712Lead Mains 110 Volt (UK)1
36007713Lead Mains 220 Volt (EEC)1
36007715Lead Mains 240 Volt (AUS)1
37007710Lead Heater Earth1
38007507Label Set1
40007686Nut Swivel1
41007697Olive Swivel1
42007689Label End Product Name1
50007716Owners Manual & Operating Instructions
55007965Steam Plate & Rail Kit Complete1