Service Information

Service information and instructions for the servicing and maintenance of Hiretech products, technical support and technical data. Click or tap the pdf link to view online, download and print.

HT7 Disc Floor Sander

Number & DownloadDescription
PDF Icon 010655-0Instructions for the removal, fitting, setup and maintenance of the HT7 Sanding pad.
PSTK: 012310
PDF Icon HT7 Castor AssemblyHT7 Castor Assembly description and parts list.
PSTK: 010530

HT8 & HT8 EX Drum Floor Sander 

Number & DownloadDescription
PDF Icon 163652-0Instructions for the removal, fitting, setup and maintenance of the HT8 Drum Cover.
PSTK: 162312
PDF Icon 163753-0Instructions for the removal and fitting of the press-in type HT8 Drum Insert.
PSTK: 164607
PDF Icon 911047-0Instructions for fitting insulated HT8 Base Twist Lock.
PSTK: 911045
PDF Icon 024805-0Information and benefits of flexible grip ABS HT8 Handle Bracket.
PSTK: 160815
PDF Icon 163882-0Information and Owners Manual supplement for the HT8 Multi Speed Conversion Kit.
PSTK: 020300
PDF Icon 000560-0Instructions for fitting and adjusting abrasives guides for the HT8 EX Drum.
PSTK: 024840
PDF Icon 163800-0Instructions for electrical testing HT8-1.2 with SM1 circuit breaker type switch and Hiretech Multi-Speed switch. From Serial Number:
02068 – 110/120 Volt
03998 – 220/240 Volt
PDF Icon 024505-0Instructions for electrical testing all models of HT8 prior to SM1 circuit breaker type switch and Hiretech Multi-Speed switch as detailed in Service Bulletin 163800-0.
PDF Icon HT8 Multi Speed SwitchFault indicator light guide and technical information for the HT8 Multi Speed switch.

HTF Orbital Floor & Deck Sander 

Number & DownloadDescription
PDF Icon 031305-0Instructions for setting up and using the HTF Sanding Weight Kit.
PSTK: 031320
PDF Icon 031345-0Instructions for fitting the HTF dust bag support.
PSTK: 030300

HTW Steam Wallpaper Stripper

Number & DownloadDescription
PDF Icon 007894-0Instructions for fitting the single pole cut out.
PSTK: 007872


Number & DownloadDescription
PDF Icon Hiretech Floor Sander MotorsInformation and instructions for identifying Hiretech floor sander motor components. Armature and field coil technical data.