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The HT8 EX is a 200mm (8″) high performance drum floor sander with expandable (EX) sanding drum technology. Available with single and multi-speed control.

The world’s most powerful compact floor sander, with up to 3,300 Watt’s (4.5hp) of power at the sanding drum, generates the torque and drum speed to drive even 24 grit (P24) abrasive on the roughest of floors. Drum speed is maintained at all times providing the centrifugal force to hold the abrasives belt firmly on the drum at all times, minimising side slip of the abrasive belt and damage to the drum rubber.

The continuous abrasive belt provides ultra smooth sanding performance on all types of wooden floors including parquet and engineered floors, while the Multi Speed gives the user total control. The expandable drum technology is the choice of the professional user and ideal solution for the in store DIY rental operator.

The HT8 motor is a high speed heavy duty, self cooling four brush design. The motor will not stall or slow down under load when sanding with coarse grit abrasives, removing old surface finishes, deposits of wax or dirt. This high performance ensures a fast, consistent production rate making it easy for the user to get a regular and uniform finish across the whole floor area and throughout the complete range of abrasive grits.

Completely self contained with a high efficiency dust pick-up, the HT8 EX breaks down into three simple component parts for easy transport. The high impact ABS injection moulded side guards and drum guard will not scar or scuff walls and protect the HT8 EX during transport.

The HT8 will sand all types of wooden floors including parquet to a fine score free finish. The HT8 can also be used on a wide range of other surfaces including fibre board, cork, engineered and composition floors.

Switch TypeContactorElectronic
Operating Speeds14
Drum rpm
(revolutions per minute)
Speed 1 = 3,300rpmSpeed 1 = 2,500
Speed 2 = 2,650
Speed 3 = 2,800
Speed 4 = 3,300
  • No volt safety switch prevents accidental start-up.
  • Choice of single speed or multi-speed switch.
  • Powerful 4 pole (brush) motor geared 3:1, up to 4.5hp at the drum.
  • Dynamical balanced sanding drum.
  • Expandable drum technology.
  • High impact resistant ABS guards.
  • High powered vacuum system.
  • Disposable paper or cloth dust bags.
  • 2 year warranty.
HT8 EX Drum Floor Sander Design Illustration
  1. Multi-speed or single speed safety switch.
  2. Disposable paper bags for efficient and safe dust collection read more.
  3. High powered vacuum system, with seated oversize wide bladed alloy vacuum fan and adjustable dust pan. In combination with Hiretech disposable paper dust bags, dust collection is very efficient improving the operating environment and minimising clean-up time.
  4. Polished aluminium alloy body.
  5. ABS side guards help prevent damage to walls and skirtings.
  6. Four pole motor provides powerful performance with constant drum speed across the whole range of abrasive grits and motor speeds.
  7. Long lasting non-slip toothed drive belts with precision gear cut pulleys.
  8. High tensile steel 25mm (1″) dia. heavy duty drum shaft with 3 high performance 50mm (2″) dia. bearings.
  9. Dynamically balanced 203mm (8”) wide sanding drum, aluminium extrusion with high performance bonded expandable drum rubber
  10. Precision moulded brush block with brass brush holders and constant force brush springs.
  11. Adjustable handle provides ideal height for perfect control and feel.
  12. 7m (23′) power cable with non-marking outer insulation prevents marking of newly sanded floor.




Product Codes07005EX (220/240V Single Speed)
07006EX (110/120V Single Speed)07005EXMS (220/240V Multi Speed)
07006EXMS (110/120V Multi Speed)
V = Volts
Power Supply220/240V 50/60Hz
110/120V 50/60Hz
V = Volts
Hz =  Hertz (unit of frequency)
Off Load Current220/240V = 5A
110/120V = 8A
A =Amps
Average Load Current220/240V = 8A
110/120V = 15A
A =Amps
Noise95 dBA at 1 meter (3’2″)dBA = decibels
Vibration1.60 m/s2 rmsm/s = meters per second, rms = root mean squared
SwitchSingle Speed – contactor type On/Off with no volt start and overload protection.

Multi Speed – electronic control with 4 operating speeds, no volt start and overload protection, service indicator and power-connected light, fault indicator light.

MotorContinuous heavy-duty AC/DC self-cooling 4 brush motor.AC/DC = Alternating Current/Direct Current
Motor RPMSingle Speed = 8,500

Multi Speed = 8,500/7,300/6,900/6,500 user selected speeds 4/3/2/1

RPM = revolutions per minute

Mean rpm across voltage range, actual rmp will vary depending on voltage and condition of machine.

Drum RPMSingle Speed = 3,300

Multi Speed = 3,300/2,800/2,650/2,500 user selected speeds 4/3/2/1

RPM = revolutions per minute

Mean rpm across voltage range, actual rmp will vary depending on voltage and condition of machine.

Sanding Drum200mm (8”) wide high performance drum with expandable drum rubber dynamically balanced to 0 to 3g (0 to 0.106 oz) tolerance.g = gram, oz = ounce
DriveNon-slip toothed timing belts and high precision gear cut pulleys.
Dust PickupSeated oversize alloy vacuum fan with adjustable dust shoe, disposable paper dust bag or cloth bag.
Moving PartsSealed for life ball bearings.
GuardsHigh impact injection moulded ABS
Abrasives200mm x 493mm (8” x 19.5”) recommended type resin bonded belt, X-cloth backed wave joint semi open coat 24grit to 150 grit.
Power Cable7m (23′) Non-marking outer insulation.
Dimensions322mm x 940mm x 855mm
(12.7″ x 37″ x 33.6″)
width x depth x height

Maximum dimensions with handle fully extended and dust bag in operating position.

Weight Net41.5kg (91.5lbs)
Shipping Weight50.0kg (110.3lbs)
Shipping Dimensions780mm x 400mm x 440mm
(30.75″ x 15.75″ x 17.5″)
width x depth x height
Quantity per Pallet6Pallet size 1000mm x 800mm
Warranty2 years
ApprovalsCE (220/240V)
CE (110/120V)
CSA/C US (110V North America)
CE = European Economic Area Manufacturer Certification

CSA/C US = Canadian Standards Association certified for USA and Canada


HT8 EX Parts List & Drawing

HT8 EX Owners Manual & Operating Instructions

HT8 EX Wiring Diagram


HT8 EX Multi-Speed Parts List & Drawing

HT8 EX Multi-Speed Owners Manual & Operating Instructions

HT8 EX Multi-Speed Wiring Diagram